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Electronica // Carlow, Carlow // He/Him

FĒNIX is the solo project of Carlow (Ireland) multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and
producer Darragh O’Connor. Describing his sound as “big beats and sexy synths”, FĒNIX leans heavily on Synthwave and 80s vibes to create melody-driven alt-

The release of his debut single ‘Alive’ (October 2022) was something of a new beginning
for FĒNIX, as he explains:
"I just decided to finally back myself and start putting my own music out there. I guess
that’s where the name FĒNIX (phoenix) comes from.... the idea of obtaining new life by
rising from the ashes of a former self. With that in mind, I thought ALIVE was a natural
first track for this project."

His follow-up single ’BY YOUR SIDE’ (December 2022) shows FĒNIX penchant for an up-
tempo ballad:
"‘By Your Side’ has always been one of been my favourite songs that I’ve written. I wrote
it about 12/13 years ago as an acoustic song. The chorus is a message to my wife (which
eventually made it into my wedding speech!) I guess it’s just a simple message that all
couples can live by. The verses are maybe a bit more about both of us......everyone can
struggle from time to time with what life throws at you. But with someone good by your
side, you can overcome pretty much anything."

FĒNIX third single DRIFTING (March 2023) tells the story of the breakdown of a relationship, and the struggle of one party to accept and come to term with the reality of the situation.

"Drifting is a tale of 2 people where one has outgrown the relationship and is ready to move on, and the other hasn't quite accepted the situation yet and is clinging on in vain. Weirdly, it is loosely based on and inspired by Niamh and Paul in Fair City!"