Belfast , County Antrim

Ferals are connected to the Belfast music community but their metaphysical home is the north coast, a wind-lashed location for giant riffs, post-rock, DIY music and admirable self-reliance. That’s where Shane and Sam once featured in the band The Bayonettes and where Ferals made their first, impressive statements.

“We used to say that we took major inspiration from the beach,” says Shane. “It’s part of the north coast sound. There’s four of five beaches down there there’s sand dunes, forest and everything. There's so much natural beauty, it's mad. Then you come to the city and you’re buzzing from that energy.”

In early 2018 they registered with their first release, ‘Brendan Rodgers’. With the accompanying video Ferals were hailed as a band with leftfield energy, musical finesse and wry humour.

Dan joined as their drummer and Ferals re-configured as a three piece. They are party to Zool Records, a collective of like-minded acts and a positive source for gigs, releases and rehearsal space. Also in 2018 Ferals were accepted onto the Scratch project at the Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast and through this program they released their second single 'Gone'.

In early 2019 Ferals released their debut EP ‘Always Watching Never Watched’ to much critical avail. Recorded at Smalltown America Studios, the band find their sound now shaped by the band as they find their feet in the local scene.

“...introduces the band as an act filtering the imprint of the aforementioned influences, while pushing towards a modern, post-rock-leaning sound marrying tight, multipart guitar parts, subtly triumphant instrumental passages and Shane McMullan’s earnest vocals.” - The Thin Air

After a run of headline shows following the release of their E.P and supporting Jaime Lenman at his recent Belfast show Ferals are currently writing new material with plans to record in summer with a release scheduled for later this year. Until then the band will be gigging and touring in Europe, building a strong fan base outside of Northern Ireland.

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