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School Report / Student name: Maximus Filmore

As you will no doubt be aware, we have been having difficulties with Filmore for some time now – with his behaviour falling far short of the standards that we expect from students in this institution. After one particular incident involving the stationary cupboard, myself and the Chief decided to offer him two options – either spend the rest of the academic year in detention or join the school Safety Patrol. He chose the latter option and has certainly thrown himself into the task with enthusiasm, although perhaps a little bit too much enthusiasm at times. I know that Maximus and his partner Ingrid believe they are doing the right thing by keeping the school safe for all students, especially those that he rather rudely describes as ‘geeks’, but he has taken it too far on a number of occasions.

There was the unfortunate incident with the chess club and the ungrounded accusations of smuggling certain items into the school, not to mention his exuberant enforcement of the hall pass rule (leading to one quite excessive altercation that resulted in considerable damage to school property). Outside of school hours I have heard talk of quite unsavoury behaviour but I am very impressed with the music project he has been working on in his spare time. I understand that it involves the combination of hip-hop, electro, punk and drum ‘n’ bass, which isn’t really my sort of thing but I’m sure will be popular with people of his own age.

In conclusion, Filmore is a valued if volatile member of the school community.

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