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Final Boss of My Twenties

Indie // Killiney, Dublin

A tender slice of jangle-pop, ‘Let Go’ is a self-reflective and deeply honest track that introduces the music of Final Boss of My Twenties
(The Last Mixed Tape)

As Irish music-making monikers go, Final Boss of My Twenties is right up there with the most inspired....The single is a pretty, contemplative affair"
(The Thin Air)

Final Boss Of My Twenties is the well-chosen moniker of Simon Maguire. The twenty-eight year old Dubliner has been many things in his life - a gardener, barman, shelf-stacker and admin office drone - negotiating the precarious employment prospects of a philosophy graduate post global crash. Looking into his thirties and increasingly feeling his youth slip away, Maguire has now chosen to face his final boss - songwriting. Attending the BIMM School Of Music, Maguire honed his craft, arriving at a sound that evokes literate 80s crooners such as Julian Cope and Morrissey.

Debut single 'Let Go' announces Final Boss Of My Twenties as an out of the gate, accomplished proposition, rooted in old-school maudlin indie with a bright jangle-pop sensibility. Of the single Maguire has said "it's the culmination of an ounce of action and a ton of theory, now the seed's finally in the soil, I'd like to think there's much more to come".

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