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Fingersmith are a three-piece alternative rock band from Cork. They released their debut album 'The Annexe' in 2010 and received extensive national radio play in Ireland, most notably recording live sessions for the leading national radio station 2fm, where top DJ Cormac Battle (ex-Kerbdog) described them as "the best unsigned band in the world".

Fingersmith had a very busy year in 2010, where they capitalised on the release of the album, gigging all over the country and going further afield to the UK to play to hugely rapturous audiences. The band were also selected to play at Glasgowbury Festival, Indiependence Festival and Happy Valley Festival as well as securing spots at Indie Week Ireland, the JD Set and Hard Working Class Heroes, all on the strength of 'The Annexe'.

Fingersmith returned to the studio in 2011 to record a follow-up. The band are set to release a new EP in Spring 2012, before embarking on a tour of Ireland and the UK. 'Hustle' is a blistering 4-track opus; which blends the pop sensibilities of 'The Annexe' with a more focused, stripped-back and tighter sound. Watch this space for tour dates!

HOT PRESS MAGAZINE: "This debut album from Cork post-grunge outfit Fingersmith is not for the faint hearted. Unapologetically loud, angry and in your face, it certainly demands the listener's full attention.

With razor-sharp riffs, frenzied syncopated beats, and vocal hooks aplenty, the album is intense, urgent and energetic from start to finish. But it's melodic too, ensuring that it's got what it takes to get inside your head rather than just pounding on it. Give it a listen."

TICKETSTHERE.COM: "Very strong musically, very good writers, performers, recording artists and we’re hoping a great live act as well. They’re pretty original but still draw heavily from big sounding hard rock / pop rock which is never a bad thing.

Add these guys to your list of albums to buy, gigs to see and bands to worship because in ten years, they’ll be stateside pissing away your money on booze, groupies and …well, they’re Irish so more than likely souvenirs for their mums!"

EDWIN McFEE: "With riffs heavier than Chunk from the Goonies, the band's skill at crafting a catchy melody or three proves they've clearly got the chops to inherit Kerbdog's title as kings of the down-tuned slacker scene."

CORMAC BATTLE: "The best unsigned band in the world."

BRUISED FRUIT PROMOTIONS: "Finally we had the sinister but stellar Fingersmith, their latest album is "The Annexe". Tunes and intensity to rock like Biffy and the wobbly energy of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but at the fore, vocalist Philip Murphy sounding like he could out-Foo Fight Dave Grohl, any time...
Each track sounds fantastic up loud when playing on repeat, as well as being a clever and coherent concept as an album as a whole."

WHEREITSAT.COM: "Incidentally, 'The Annexe' is a serious piece of work, it really is. It's the first real, quality Irish Rock Record since 'On The Turn'."

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