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Firm City

New Wave // Dublin

Firm City is the brainchild of Dublin natives, Matthew and Sean. Having developed a close friendship at a young age through their shared passion for music and film, the pair have used these outlets as a means of expression throughout their years writing, recording and performing together.

Split between their hometown and Berlin, Firm City blends modern elements of electronica, new wave and dense vocal layering to create a sound that ventures beyond the traditional strictures of pop.

Their debut single and video ‘Slew’ was released in August of 2021 and was well received both at home and abroad, Nialler9 referring to it as, “a brittle solace-seeking debut song”.

In March of 2022, Firm City followed up with their second single Handsome Rover, a heartfelt ballad dealing with the withdrawal from one’s sense of self and the need to confront loss and eventual death. Handsome Rover (The Alpinist Remix) was released on May 20, 2022.

Firm City played their debut live show at Kantine Am Berghain in late 2022 in support of Marco Van Basten, and have since guested on his show on Refuge Worldwide.

Their second video 'Gifting Bars' was released on February 24, 2023. Directed and photographed by London based filmmaker Danyal Fox using a mix of digital and grainy 16mm, the video for Gifting Bars follows a night in the life of social media entrepreneur and alpha-mindset guru, Charlie Hedges. Portrayed and co-created by local Bury man and cyber comedian Andrew Kerr, Hedges is a character whose online veneer hides an isolated and emasculated individual.

Fuelled by a heady mix of alcohol and disco biscuits, he must escape into the London night in an attempt to find any semblance of connection or companionship, before his fragile psyche inevitably unravels.

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