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Flames Of Crystal

Pop // Blessington, Wicklow

Flames Of Crystal was created by a joke in a stockroom in a supermarket, where Liam was messing with Tomas about music and gave Tomas an idea when he joked about making a Christmas song to become famous. Tomas though about it and as he heard Liam singing in the stockroom to himself he asked Liam would he sing it if he wrote it. Unsure, Liam said he can't sing but said yes anyway and since that moment music world opened gates to their creation and discovering new possibilities of hidden talent. First they attempted playing a few songs from Elvis and after 2 weeks Liam was on fire to create their own song so even though it was a spring day Liam played four chords that he kept for 25 years and Tomas asked him: ''what would you sing to that?'' After about 25 minutes of no ideas, Tomas told Liam a story about a Santa movie that sparked magic to Liam and he started singing first line of "Christmas Dreams." After that song they continuously create and play music.

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