Flea Market Poets

County Donegal

The Flea Market Poets are a weird group of musicians. American, Irish, German, English… old things, young things… the stuff you might find digging in a flea market bin… well worn oddities, well traveled with vintage character. They are: Jason Serious (Baltimore, MD USA) on lead vocals, Christian Chapman (Austin, TX USA) on drums, Brian Reno (Munich, Germany) on guitars, Hazel X (London, England) on bass and Grainne McMenamin (Donegal, Ireland) on backing vocals.

The Poets play a melodic brand of rock occasionally crossing over into Punk and Americana. Their sound is often compared to bands like the Strokes, Snow Patrol and Wilco, but the Flea Market Poets are known best for powerful songs that support varied interpretations over time. Their music caters to an eclectic palate.
In 2007 the band caught the attention of Brit Award winning producer Pete Briquette (Bob Geldof, the Frames, Tricky) who then went on to produce their first single “Captain Nate”. Briquette in turn introduced Bob Geldof to the Poets and their music and he is now regarded as one of the band’s most high-profile fans.
The band released its debut album Dirty Days in April 2009 to critical acclaim. Rolling Stone calls it “…”
Hot Press (Ireland) describes it as: “superbly textured stadium rock” (Dirty Days), “classy indie country” (Annie Superstar) and “sleek speed-punk” (Black Heart).
The band is currently touring the album in Europe. Dirty Days is available in stores in Germany, on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.de, and on iTunes all other major download sites.

Dirty Days

Dirty Days is an album of 13 original songs, each with its own unique texture: Dirty Days is not one of those all-songs-sound-the-same records. With each track, the Poets take the listener through a different musical and emotional world while keeping the tunes accessible with strong melodies and meaningful lyrics. The album kicks off with “Dirty Days”, the seductive title track with all the climax and glory of Brit-style stadium rock (think Radiohead, ColdPlay). Next up is “Annie Superstar” - a tribute to cult film Buffalo 66 (Annie Superstar played by Christina Ricci), which sounds more like a full-on Wilco rocker. Other influences can be heard (e.g. the Strokes in “Captain Nate”, the Cure in “Black Heart”) but the Poets are not a band to be boxed in. Take the eerie “Personal Sun”: a full frontal assault on the American political society, weaving the spookiest of backwater blues riffs onto biting protest lyrics that would make Bob Dylan proud. Resisting the usual pressures to conform to genre and to mimic the fashionable sound, the Poets have produced an album that is hard to label, but at the same time instantly familiar and appealing, suggesting the unlikely return of an endangered species: original pop music.

“Great mix of rock, indie and punk sounds” - Helmet Löwe, koeln.de

“Awesome music! Sentimental and beautiful” – Tanja Prade, Cool & Fresh

“I like it” - Bob Geldof


European Management / Booking:

Lemontree Records +49 89 3260 7965 or +49 170 4939 006

Website: www.fleamarketpoets.com

Myspace: www.myspace.com/fleamarketpoets

Photographs courtesy of Michael McKee

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