Four In The Morning

Ennis, County Clare

“Music for when you can’t sleep” is how Four In The Morning describes themselves. And on first listen to their debut EP Half Asleep, you quickly find out why. Restless and raw, their songs combine quiet introspection with cathartic rock; a mix of poetic, considered lyrics, and beautifully crafted noise.

Sitting on the edges of both folk and rock, Four In The Morning aren’t quite either. This refreshing sound is due to the eclectic band members. Kevin Dolan, an Irish musician, met Libby Ferris and Kiran Srinivasan while living in Melbourne met Libby Ferris and Kiran Srinivasan. Despite coming from three very different musical backgrounds, the three hit it off immediately. Combining folk, ambient rock, and jazz drumming, their music is smart and considered, with the sense that it might all fall apart at any minute.

Forming just over a year ago they wasted no time, immediately writing and recording their first EP, Half Asleep. Self produced and recorded in a sitting room, the songs combine a big, bold, DIY sound with questions about psychopaths, love and whether you should kill God.

“Beautifully intricate and a little chaotic” Amnplify
“EP of the week” Timber & Steel
“Lyrically frighteningly honest and naked” The Drunken Poet
“A brilliant indie nocturne or an argument against eating cheese before bedtime.”
AnR Factory
“A blend of classic and forward-thinking composition” Divide & Conquer
“There is something quite special going on here” MP3 Hugger

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