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Fox.E and the Good Hands

Other // Maynooth, Kildare , Kildare

Fox.E and the Good Hands are a 5 piece funk rock and soul group who have been honing and developing their sound progressively for the past six years. After a years writing and recording break they have just released their new EP 'Punch Drunk'

Fox.E and the Good Hands have a bootsy, funk-driven soulful sound with plenty of panache infused with twists of pop, rock, rap and blues. "There will be several moments where a slick bass lick, sneaky drum fill and tasty shredded solo will have you grinning like a fool at their brilliance.. sometimes it even happens all at once and your senses go into overdrive" (Music Review Unsigned).

Front woman Eimear Fox has been labelled one of the most entertaining female performers on the Irish music scene. An accomplished song writer and musician, Fox.E has lots of performing experience and it's in the live setting where she really ignites and engages her audience. Her deep velvet power house timbres are deliciously decorated and complimented by the beautiful Miss Paula, a highly accomplished soprano who oozes presence and charisma on stage and adds just the right touch of tonal colour to the vocals. 'The Good Hands' are all extremely accomplished musicians. David McDonald, a graduate of BIMM Dublin adds his incredible guitar riffs that really help to shape their sound and his effortless guitar solos never fail to impress. Philip Donnery, a graduate from Dublins Rock School, Ballyfermot College, provides the backbone of the Good Hands' body and manages to frame the whole picture with tasty, tight grooves and some saucy fills in all the right places, while Gordon Dunning plucks and slaps methodically and meticulously and makes every bass line his own, his lines give all the music such depth and warmth and he's been noted and complimented by every review the band has ever received.

Each member's personal ability is to a very high standard, this said they are constantly trying new things and working on new themes and ideas to facilitate growth within the group, this coupled with having played together and gigged relentlessly over the past few years; not only is their sound extremely tight, their musical relationship with each other is just magic and a joy to behold.

Jack L: 'Fox.E and the Good Hands are one to watch
Wallis Bird: 'You gotta check these guys out, they are unbelievably good'
Repulic of Loose: 'Those guys got tunes!'