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Alternative // Dublin

How to begin?

Once upon a time... no.

Fudan is a Chinese word meaning "Heavenly light shines day after day". Rather less prosaically, it's also the name of a two-piece band from Dublin, who began playing due to a shared love of tiffin (which remains to this day).

Both Keith and Meadhbh have played with various other bands around Dublin for years, Keith also writing and producing material with others. (He's done four albums, 2 EPs and a B-side collection which nobody's ever heard)

"If We Only Had Paws", the debut album from Fudan, was released in September 2011 to rave reviews and people fainting left right and centre. The album's now available as a free download on the internet (rather than a free download on, I don't know, your radiator) - you can get it via here or our Facebook page.
Of course, it's also available on CD for (i) people without computers, and (ii) people who still like CDs.
Fudan would like to encourage as much illegal copying and distribution of their music as possible.

The first two songs and the final song from the album are right here, on the left hand side of this page, to whet your appetites...


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