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Alternative // Cashel, Tipperary

"Having perfected their dynamic pop and punk on their debut EP, alt. rockers Futurism are back with their second release, the appropriately-titled "So Long December". Taking cues from the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Incubus and A Day To Remember, the foursome have a lot to offer such as beefy guitars, slick drum patterns and razor-sharp vocals"

"These guys kick the shit out of U2 any day"
- KILL YOUR SCENE (Australia,

Forming as a 4 piece in Cashel in late 2008, Futurism started writing songs straight off the bat. Early days consisted of lounging around guitarist Eddie's house coming up with melodies that they thought would sound great live, and playing local gigs in their hometown to give the songs a trial run. The ones that weren't thrown on the scrap heap made their way to the band's first demo, entitled "Blood on our Hands" which featured the catchy, and now fan-favourite "Numb" and the utter melancholy that is "Breathe".
With influences ranging from Florida pop-punkers A Day To Remember to shoegazers My Bloody Valentine, the band is a melting pot of ideas and emotions. With beefy guitar riffs, slick drum patterns and both harsh and beautiful vocals, Futurism gained new fans from far and wide very quickly.
Between July 2010 and January 2011, they wrote some new songs which were recorded in March 2011. The result this time was a 6 track E.P. entitled "So Long December" which they are currently promoting. From the opener entittled "The Endless Fight" you can hear a more defined, mature band. The catchy choruses and guitar work grab you instantly, such as the great "Lies In Wait" and "Now It's All Black". The beautifully written "The Murder Of You And I" is a must hear also.
Following the release of "So Long December", the band have had the privilege of sharing the stage with acts such as The Minutes, Fight Like Apes, A Plastic Rose, Axis Of, Crow Black Chicken, We Come In Pieces and Race The Flux to name but a few, and with fans consisting of Royseven's Paul Walsh and Republic Of Telly's Dermot Whelan, let's just say 2011 has been a good year for Futurism and mark my words, there is a lot more to follow.