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Garrett Laurie

Alternative // Belfast , Antrim // He/ They

Garrett Laurie is an up and coming pop singer-songwriter from Belfast. Their EP, ‘Can I Play Too Or Is it Just For Boys?’ released late last year invites us into a world that feels somehow Lynchian yet comforting in their radio-friendly pop formatting. Within thudding pop hooks, Laurie's music dares the listener to dance to or enjoy their suffering as they slide effortlessly between breathy verses and choruses in belted pleas. It is a musical world that echoes the self-destructive habits their lyrics explore over seductive 90s style RnB beats. Laurie showcases an impressive vocal range which they employ masterfully to play with gender roles throughout the project which was placed at number 18 on Chordblossom's 'Releases Of The Year 2022’. Singles from the EP received praise from outlets like Hot Press for their eerie, introspective lyrical approach against ‘the infectious intonations of [the EP's] melodies’. James Hendicott described ‘Mississippi Jesus' as a single 'merging religious iconography with personal examinations in a deeply personal piece of music.'
Recently, Laurie contributed to the ‘Bangers & Pride’ edition of Problem Patterns’ ‘Bangers N Mashup’s’ compilation support local queer art and to attend Ciaran Lavery's Soft Gut Song Camp where the pair co-wrote an upcoming single together. This past summer, Laurie released ‘Have Fun’, a track exploring the dangerous nature of queer dating and was voted for replay on BBC Across The Line for two consecutive weeks. Garrett Laurie's new single 'Woodsboro' uses horror film tropes to explore what it means to be a queer artist in the Irish music scene, drawing heavily on iconography from the 'Scream' movie franchise.

The artist has introduced themselves as a prolific, creative force in the local scene and is gearing up for the release of their next EP, 'Barbies With Betty Finn', inspired by 80s film classics like 'Heathers'.