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Garrett Laurie

Folk // Belfast , Antrim // He / They

Through a captivating fusion of vocally driven alt-folk and Americana, Northern Irish singer-songwriter Garrett Laurie explores the queer experience within a distinctive ‘Choirboy Coven’ world. Deftly put by The Thin Air, Laurie’s voice ‘warrants a legitimate “stop you in your tracks” status with recent singles, 'All About Me' and 'Novak' conjuring some of the all time greats with ‘soul-stirring finesse’. With a provocative musical narrative, Laurie glides seamlessly between breathy verses and choruses in impassioned pleas, showcasing an impressive vocal range with masterful precision. Recently, Laurie was selected as one of four acts in the Oh Yeah Centre's prestigious 'Scratch My Progress' mentorship program and as one of Youth Music’s ‘Ones To Watch’ for 2024. Additionally, Laurie was nominated for the Joe Cassidy Chrysalis Award at the 2023 NI Music Prize building anticipation for their sophomore EP coming early 2024, co-produced with Ryan McGroarty and Chris Ryan.

Laurie's songwriting is characterised by its skillful poetic lyricism, delving deep into complex themes of queer identity and shame. The artist is one to watch as we approach 2024, as they craft an ever evolving yet timeless musical landscape.