Garrett Laurie

Lisburn, County Antrim

Garrett Laurie is a singer-songwriter who started work on his upcoming EP in January 2019. Focusing on a
full cinematic sound for the project, he took over a year to craft the visual and sonic direction for the bedroom recorded 'Crying on Cue' EP.
Laurie began writing as a teen, immersing himself in folk and 90s R&B music scenes, melding them with a cinematic influence in self-shot and edited visuals for his music through these years.

Crying on Cue's first single, 'Have Fun' discusses complex emotional nuances about relationships using undertones of queer sexuality which prove to be just another distraction. He doubles the cheap connotations of his request to his subject to ‘have fun’ with him, with deeper feelings of longing for emotional and physical intimacy. The lyrics of the song double issues of gender and sexuality creating an innovative and poetic outlook on queer intimacy.

Laurie's background in theatre, and as a classically trained vocalist are evident in his musical releases thus far and their often grand, melodramatic quality shows Laurie's self-awareness both sonically and lyrically throughout the subsequent single 'Nothing Strange' and the full musical project.

At the end of last year, he was featured in the Winter 2019 issue of I-D magazine as part of their Youth in the UK and Ireland photo series.
Garrett Laurie's 'Crying on Cue' is set for release in July 2020.

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