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Garrett Wall Band

Acoustic // Dublin, Dublin

One came to Madrid to get out of music; another played in the Metro. One served pints of Guinness and the other taught English classes: the unsuspecting beginnings of the four honorary Madrileños that comprise the Garrett Wall Band: each one doing the hard graft playing with various projects before finally crossing paths in the fall of 2006 and joining forces as the GWB.

In 2007 they released their first album, Sky Pointing, recorded live over three days in PKO Studios with the production of Fernando Montesinos. The project was then mixed in Nashville by David Ferguson, known for his with Rick Rubin on the American Recordings of Johnny Cash.

"supremely tight ensemble"

That first CD of the GWB marked a point of departure for future recordings: a clean and powerful acoustic concept in which each of the four members – Garrett Wall (guitar/piano/voice), Howard Brown (trumpet/voice), Robbie K. Jones (cajón) and Dave Mooney (bass/double-bass) – is a cornerstone in the foundation of the group’s sound.

"...What could well be their first great work together...revitalized folk-pop, creates it's own interesting universe."
El Embrujo

The GWB’s sophomore effort, Hands & Imperfections, stays true to the group’s identity: trumpet where electric guitar would be typical and cajón instead of drums. The clearest addition is Garrett’s acoustic and Fender Rhodes piano work throughout the album and Dave includes booming double-bass in "The Ballad of an Exorcism" and "Worst Case Scenario". Howard’s voice plays a bigger role and he contributes a piano solo piece. Robbie uses more cymbals and percussion to complement the cajón and one track uses simple but driving foot stomps, clicks and claps.

"...Garret Wall Band don't cease to surprise...their cleanest album to date, in the sense of being impeccable, spotless, bright, and clear… "
20minutos, Madrid

Another notable development is found in select collaborations. The first single "Is There No Freedom?" features a duet between Garrett and the female voice of Lua, lead singer of We Are Balboa. "Never give all the Heart" closes the album with the pretty-picking American mandolin great Tom Corbett.

"Their star seems set to rise further still with this latest album.”
In Madrid

The key collaboration however is the work of producer Josh Tampico whose hand in the recording and direction of the album helped the GWB capture a sound that is very much their own: an international reaching band with roots in Madrid. While the four members are from Ireland, UK and USA and Garrett’s lyrics are in English, the use of palmas in The Ballad of an Exorcism gives evidence of the GWB’s life in Spain.

"They've done it again, we praised their last album and I thought they wouldn't be able to better it, impossible...and then this! ...get it!"
Lh Magazin

- The single, "Is There No Freedom?", enjoyed 4 weeks on the playlist of Ireland's national radio broadcaster RTE1 as well as significant plays on BBC Northern Ireland, BBC 6 music, local irish radio and national radio in Spain, Rne 3.

- Spanish movie "The Symmetry Of Love" which will also feature the new single.

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Garrett Wall: Guitar, piano & vocals
Robbie K. Jones: Cajon & percussion & vocals
Howard Brown: Trumpet & vocals
Dave Mooney: Electric and double bass & vocals


"2 Hours Later" - single (Mondegreen Records, release date, May/June 2010)

"Hands & Imperfections" (Mondegreen Records, Release Date Spain: October 16th 2009; Release Date Ireland:
February 19th 2010)

"Is there no freedom?" - single (Mondegreen Records, release date: April 2009)

"Sky Pointing" (Mondegreen Records S.L., Release Date: September 2008)

A special deluxe re-mastered edition of "Sky Pointing" includes new artwork, a multimedia section which features bonus mp3, a live video, a specially designed digital lyric book and the video-clip for the current single "Jealousy".