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Gavin Fox

Folk // Lusk, Dublin

Gavin Fox is an Irish singer-songwriter from Dublin, who tells stories and conveys lessons learnt from a wide and varied set of experiences. His songs speak of freedom and independence of thought and action. Not conforming to constraints, inside and out, but choosing your own path. Not living a life expected, but finding your true soul and being at one with it. Facing down difficulties and demons and rising through with a sense of purpose. Living every moment like it really matters.

His music spans alternative folk, Americana and rock, with acoustic guitar at it’s heart. Each song tells a story. Some are personal. Some inspired by the stories of others. He has a unique sound. And, for those looking for more depth, there is meaning in every lyric.

Having only starting to write during COVID lockdowns of 2020, Gavin has quickly risen as one to watch. His music has received both national and international recognition, with Hot Press Magazine describing him as "one of the most compelling new singer-songwriters on these shores".

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