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Other // Kilkenny, Kilkenny


Paul Mahon (Guitar & Kaossilator)
Colm O Caoimh (Piano)
Jeremy Hickey (Drums)
Jane Murphy (Cello)
Margie Lewis (Violin & Vocals)

Geppetto as a band/collective really only kicked off fully in 2009 when the offer came from the trusting heart of Matthew Nolan, the curator of Kilkenny Arts Festival. On hearing music made solely by Paul Mahon he offered the opportunity to perform support to Icelandic band Amiina in St Canices Cathedral. So Geppetto became a band.

All new material was written for this one off gig and it was the only time all members were ever together. However over the past while we have spent some days in Windmill Lane & Pulse studios recording down the tracks from the live gig.

Produced by Stephen White
Recorded by Greg Clooney
At Windmill Lane & Pulse Recording

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