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Glen Hartmann

Pop // Swords, Dublin

Glen Hartmann is a solo artist and songwriter based in London, United Kingdom, whose hometown is Cape Town, South Africa. His music is a union of acoustic and electronic sounds with a substantial EDM/pop influence.

Glen’s song, “Home, I Saw”, demonstrates his acoustic roots where his musical journey began, while songs like “Ready to Fight This” and his collaboration in “Unsure” represent the electronic/acoustic direction his music is going. Glen’s latest track, “Heartbeat”, blurs musical boundaries in being not only acoustic and electronic, but manages to place itself within both chill and upbeat genres.

Of Glen’s music it has been written that, “there is a wide variety between tracks that keeps you captivated and makes you want to come back for more.” And, “Lyrically you get a depth and passion with every song… you get a real sense of there being a truly genuine message behind each track, something that makes it very easy to fall in love with his music.”

Glen doesn’t limit his influences to specific genres of music, but tries to take unique elements out of any music, wherever inspiration can be found. This idea can be identified in his live performance. The multi-talented instrumentalist incorporates guitar, keyboard and flute into his live act. Accompanying him is a live band, consisting of guitar and drums, and tracks. As blogger, El Broide puts it, “Glen knows how to capture his audience.”

Glen’s material has been played on national radio and television in South Africa. He won ‘Crowd Favourite’ at the Paco Rabanne “Be a Rockstar” competition and he placed in the top 10 at the Barleycorn Songwriters’ Competition. His EP, “For the Hurricane Chaser”, was featured on popular music website “Noisetrade”.

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