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Gloria Gift Nankunda

Folk // Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Antrim // She

Gloria Gift Nankunda is an innovative folk-soul musician,
producer, director, curator, voiceover artist and festival performer.
Gloria creates music & art that reflects her unique sound, which is
rooted in a mix of her Ankole-Uganda traditional background,
different African genres, languages and cultures.
Through her work, Gloria has become a powerful voice for the
African diaspora, exploring themes of blackness, identity, social
justice & preservation of cultural heritage.

Mentored by a doting grandmother, music became her strength,
transcending with her on life's journey. Her soulful voice has
delivered an 8-track debut album, 'Nankunda' released
September 2019.
Her music is a delightful euphony of tales derived from her rich
Ankole's heritage in Uganda is meshed with her life experiences. She
started singing at a young age and all through high school
participating in music and dance competitions at Bweranyangi
Girls Secondary School - school choir. Gloria is a graduate
of Toronto Film School - acting faculty and has immersed herself in
this industry wearing many hats, from actor, producer, host, and
voiceover artist to set up her venture - Gisha Productions;
a creative entity that majors in the production of TV, film and theatre,
Publicity, artist booking, Management and events.
She is also the founder and artistic director for "Emanzi Troupe" a
traditional dance troupe based here in Toronto, exploring music
and dance from the different parts of Uganda and East Africa, at
Gloria has showcased her Afro folk soul musical style on various
stages, including Canadian Music Week 2019, Canadian Asian
Fashion Week 2018, African Music Week Toronto (producer &
director) 2018 - 2022, African Fashion Week Toronto, Artists and
Artisans Development Network "Her Voice" & Inclusive arts
festival 2020 -2022, Small World Music Festival 2020, Meridian
Hall "Living Room" series 2021, Comedy Store Uganda 2020, UG
Global Concert, Music 2020 Mondays Toronto 2021, Habari Africa
Festival 2021&2022, Muse Arts Festival 2022, TINFF 2019-2020 ,
Milton Multicultural festival 2021 & 2022, Francophone en Fete
2022, Community Folk Arts Council multi-cultural festival 2022,
& Lullaby Mosaic" 2023 at Small World Music Centre, St. Lawrence
neighbourhood Association & Salvation Army (Yonge& Dundas)
Canada Day 2023 festivals.
Gloria has also participated in the Canadian Music Week
International Trade Markets one-on-one meetings with music
experts, executives, and festival organizers from India &Southern
Africa, courtesy of the Canadian Association for the Advancement of
Music & Arts (CAAMA) 2023.
She is also part of the Board of Directors for Community Folk Art
Council Toronto and currently in the studio working on her second

With a passion for collaboration and creativity, Gloria is a force to
be reckoned with in the music & entertainment industry at large in
North- America, Africa & and other parts of the diaspora.

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