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GNT Sessions

Alternative // Dublin

GNT Sessions are a collective of Irish musicians and artists who get together occasionally to write record alternative rock and acoustic rock music. A DIY style project where we record, mix, master, make our own artwork and release everything independently.

The initial idea of GNT Sessions was an excuse for a few friends to get together jam, make noise and drink the odd gin and tonic! After a couple of sessions guitarist Finn pieced together a couple of tracks which culminated in the bands first EP. The Gin Joint EP.

This first EP is a collection of 6 original mellow acoustic rock tracks recorded and produced by guitarist Finn O'Connor at his home studio Crannog Studios in Leitrim Ireland and released 3-June-2020 on Bandcamp. The band also printed 25 copies on vinyl. Artwork and graphic design was conceived and executed by drummers Enda and Keith.

The Gin Joint EP features Joe McGowan - Vocals, Bass, Electric guitar. Finn O' Connor - Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Synths. Keith Barrett - Drums, Vocals. Doc O' Connor - Vocals, Electric Guitar. Betta O' Connor - Fiddle, Vocals. Rob Campbell - Cello. Enda O' Connor - Drums, Artwork. Udo Grunewald - Double Bass.

In 2022 while Crannog studios was being re-located bassist and vocalist Joey McGowan proposed to take up the reigns as producer and use some of his own compositions to record the second EP, GNT 23. Drums were recorded in rehearsal studios in Dublin and Slane and the rest of the instruments recorded at Joey's home studio Empty Iris Studios in Dundalk bringing forth a more new wave alternative rock sound.

GNT 23 was released on 22 Dec 2023 and features Joey McGowan on Bass, Guitars, Vocals and Synths. Keith Barrett and Enda'O'Connor on Drums. Rob Cambell on Cello. Andrew Colohan on Lead Guitar. Artwork by Jozef Vrtiel. The band have also commissioned 50 copies on vinyl that they are eagerly awaiting from Royal Mint Records.

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