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The Gold Standard

Pop // Cork City, Cork

The Gold Standard play lush, harmony laden guitar pop which is all at once as beautiful, as visceral and as varied as the disparate elements that sometimes inspire its creation: contemporary indie rock on both sides of the Atlantic, late seventies post-punk, the melodramatic excesses of the eighties and the occasional snippet of fuzzed-out shoegaze. Here you'll find no gimmicks, no concessions to prevailing trends and certainly no insults to anyone's intelligence with hollow claims that the TGS sound "cannot be pigeonholed". Please listen – carefully, casually or however you wish – and make up your own mind.

The group have just completed a nationwide tour in support of esteemed Irish art-rockers Ham Sandwich, truly enrapturing audiences in hitherto unchartered territories and cutting their teeth in some of the country’s most renowned rock venues. Within a gig or two the infamous Podge Sandwich saw fit to brand TGS as “scary musicians” – take from that what you will...


Patrick Lucy
+353 86 8303465
patricklucy at gmail dot com

Muireann Holly
+353 87 1337633
muireannh at hotmail dot com

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