Copenhagen, County Dublin

GOODBYE KITTY K is a female fronted high octane rock band delivering a raw sound called Scrap Rock!!
Inspired by dusty roadmovies combined with their own high voltage style GOODBYE KITTY K always salutes the crowd with an intense live show!!
Kat van Ville - part Patti Smith, part Jim Morrison – on her explosive vocal, together with her brother Wolfman on drums and cowbell and their great friends Hoff on the fat strings and Hick Corea on guitar have all prepared the ammo for a steam engine show!!
Since the first live show in 2010 GOODBYE KITTY K plays shows to a steadily growing crowd and supporting big Danish acts such as D-A-D and Supercharger.
Summer 2013 was marked with GOODBYE KITTY K's release of their debut album "SCRAPPED" on iTunes and CD as well as singles on streaming websites followed by live shows to an amazing crowd!!

GOODBYE KITTY K is the memory of the once fallen girl Kitty K.
She lived her life in a blurry ecstasy of fear, selfdisrespect and lust - blindly looking for love in beds in the loveless corners of life. Low and nasty she hit rock bottom at the end of the circle of pain. Instead of death, she found her long lost strength and gained the power to turn it all around. She saw it, she felt it and then she said Goodbye to her old self.

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