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Indie // Dublin

Graceless is the musical brainchild of Grace Tooher previously of Dublin band Staring at Lakes. Grace is collaborating closely with a talented ensemble of musicians to breathe life into her songs.

Grace's vision drives the heart and soul of the band, with the support of guitarist Richie, who adds his distinctive flair to the mix, while the beat of the band is backed up by Adam on drums, curator and host of Smithfield Creatives, and Marcin on bass, forming the rhythmic duo behind the band.

💫 Drawing inspiration from the likes of Florence and the Machine, Fleetwood Mac and Billie Eilish. Graceless delivers a blend of indie and alternative music with a sound that is both contemporary and sentimental.

Grace's songwriting explores themes of stress, pain, mental health and the complexities of relationships with an unflinching honesty that is both brave, vulnerable and steeped in anxiety!

Fresh from a string of recent performances that have garnered them a significant online following, Graceless are ready to continue their journey and take the Irish music scene by storm, with several gigs under their belt and several more to come. Stay tuned for their upcoming EP and until then make sure and head to one of their shows and witness the raw energy they bring to the stage that has left audiences pressed for more! Watch this space 💜

In short, Graceless are unapologetically themselves, and their music is a testament to their authenticity.

Upcoming Gigs

27th July 2024 15:00 La Mansarda Fesitval
24th August 2024 15:00 The Works Festival More details

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