Gran Casino

Stillorgan, County Dublin

If Gran Casino were a pie, it would be big and tasty. And pretty messy. We would be very happy if you came and tried some.

Gran Casino love music. This is us;

Caimin writes, strums and sings and has a love of marimbas; Jimmer likes to hit things with sticks, his hands, and sometimes his head; Jimmy wears a bass guitar like a dreamcoat; Shane spills bits and pieces of musical juice onto a page, and likes the ebony, the ivory, the plastic and the vinyl; Sue soothes with cool shoes and plucky harpstrings; Kathy and Julie can wail like banshees and charm like sirens in equal measure: violin is their weapon of choice; Tim's flute can never be stopped; Kev toots his trumpet, Chris blares his trombone, and Joe honks his french horn, until they're red in the face and the job is done; sometimes, our friends Simon, Brian, Liam and Blath sing and dance and play with us too, and we're glad when they do.

Last year we recorded and self released our first EP, 'Sun Music'. We thank everyone who spent their hard earned cash on it. In the next few months or so, we plan to release a new CD, and hope to make something even better, and as beautiful as we can. Some of the songs on the 'Tealight Sessions' are already recorded, but there's still some hard work to be done. We thank you all in the meantime for making this possible.

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