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Grand Mal

Electronica // Phibsborough, Dublin // He/Him

Emerging from the vibrant heart of Dublin, Ireland, Grand Mal stands as a magnetic force within the electronic music universe. A true craftsman of sonic innovation, he has embraced the live hardware ethos, weaving an intricate tapestry of electrifying techno experiences that defy repetition.

With a collection of synths and drum machines at his fingertips, Grand Mal is not merely a performer; he is an architect of soundscapes that unfold in real-time. His mastery over his hardware arsenal transcends the ordinary, resulting in performances that are a true testament to the convergence of man and machine.

As a torchbearer of live hardware techno, he shatters creative boundaries, ensuring no two performances are alike. Each set becomes an unpredictable journey, as Grand Mal conjures musical magic that captivates the senses and ignites the dancefloor.

Beyond the music, Grand Mal encapsulates the essence of dedication and growth, building a new community of live electronic performers across Ireland, and helping to standardize the concept to promoters of booking live hardware acts of electronic music in clubs, just as much as DJs. Similar to what artists like Seytek, Nancy Live or Carl Cox have done for live hardware dance music in recent years.