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Green Gurl

Rock // Dublin, Dublin

This Dublin based power-pop-rock band is charismatically fronted by Brazilian vocalist Dessa Vanuci who came to Ireland seeking a band who shared her creative vision. This led to the serendipitous collaboration with songwriter Steven Kennedy, and since then our songs come to life effortlessly, creating captivating melodies, oddly phrased guitar riffs and evocative lyrics. Sammy, our bassist and our drummer Colm are constantly weaving their rhythmic playing around the melodies creating a palette of interesting textures in each song. Our 90s pop-rock inspired music is ready to be discovered by fans of Paramore, Incubus, Alanis Morissette and Nirvana.

We have our first two singles ready to be released in April and July starting with “Monsters” releasing on April 12th and we have been achieving our goals steadily since we formed the band. We have performed to audiences in Dublin and Cork and are currently reaching out for as many opportunities as we can, with the hopes of playing festivals and many more gigs in 2024.

Our goals for our first single are to establish our digital footprint through different media outlets and reach a larger online audience which will provide us with a strong portfolio of publicity moving forward. The key factors in our strategy are getting featured on suitable Spotify playlists, television and radio coverage and interviews for magazines and music related blogs.

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12th April 2024 19:00 "Monsters" single launch with support from Speakers + The Psychs More details

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