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Gus & Co

Experimental // Monaghan

Gus and Co Gus and Co creates shimmering iridescent soundscapes over funky glitchedout grooves, twitching surreal ballads, garage electronica and feasts of absurd noises. They use the latest technology mixed with traditional musical techniques and instruments to create audio hallucinations and abstract Sound Art blended with harmonic delights.  They basically consists of Gus and whatever poor bastard he can rope in to play with him at the time. Collaborators have included Conor O, July Guitarist Peter Cook, Rapper Daniel August, Belfast Composer Nicholas Boyle , Paul the "Martian" and Callum "Jack" Mc Creedy and many others. Gus and Co have made appearances at the Electric Picnic, Glastonbury, and many other festivals and had airplay on BBC Radio one and RTE . Unlimited to any particular genre they may or may not include Experimental, Surreal, Noise, Dub, Folk, Alternative Rock, Psychedelic, Shoegaze, Techno, Dub, Drone, and Garage Punk.

They have two albums released on the Infinite Void Recordings label "The Golden Hour" and "Cubism"

"Hmmmm - I really like that " - John Peel Radio One