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Half a Jigsaw and the Missing Pieces

Pop // Dingle, Kerry

Most of the songs are of a pop nature and with the different musicians added, it's now pop with a twist I think is the best way to put it. We're a Dingle Based band. All our songs are written by vocalist Patrick Sheehy, and given the edge by what the other members have bring to the music.
Vocals- Patrick Sheehy
Piano- Sorcha Durham
Rythym Guitar- Eanna Durham
Lead Guitar- Ben Moriarty
Drums-Evan Hadnett
Bass-Paul Flannery

Potential Gig in Dublin City centre supporting the Newest Irish Boyband on the 19th of August, who may be performing a song written by Patrick Sheehy. If we gwt the gig, sony scout will attend to check us out.