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Electronica // Dublin

They met on a Tinder date. He wore no socks. She laughed like a dying crow. They were both a little disgusted by each other. There was no future here for romance. The night ended with him trying to kiss her but missing her, instead planting one on her ear. Simultaneously, he knocked a glass on to the ground resulting in shards flying on to neighbouring tables.

But they both loved lots of the same music, kids TV and pop art. They also discovered that they had a common interest - tinkering around with bits of equipment in their bedrooms. She sent him a track she had recorded. He chopped it up and turned it into something completely different. She added some words. He removed all the words. She was annoyed so sampled herself farting and turned it into a melody. He listened to it eighty-two times in a row.

And so, Harpsikord was born.

contact: harpsikordmusic AT gmail DOT com

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