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Hawk Jupiter

Dance // Co Carlow, Carlow // He / Him

Hawk Jupiter is a music producer from Carlow who's releases fuse elements of funk and R&B as well as straight up four-on the floor EDM.

Listening to Hawk Jupiter is like driving a Delorean through an amusement arcade while your passenger plays a Nintendo Switch and eats a Roy of the Rover. That is - there's all kinds of goodness happening from lots of different decades all the one time - it shouldn't work, sometimes it definitely doesn't work, and sometimes its absolutely tantalising.

Obsessed with details of sound design, Irish synthpop producer-songwriter Hawk Jupiter aims to tell captivating stories through introspective lyrics that are powerfully accelerated by attentive production.

About Hawk Jupiter's latest release, Land Beneath Waves:

Carlow based electronic music producer Hawk Jupiter has teamed up with songwriter Helen Agnes D. and up-and-coming Galway based singer Lauren Davis to release a stirring, atmospheric electronic single ‘Land Beneath Waves’, directly inspired by the Irish mythological story of Tír na nÓg.

The atmospheric, synth-filled pop song received its first live performance featuring both Hawk Jupiter and Lauren Davis during a Mayo Culture Night event at the recently restored Bunnacurry Monastery on Achill Island.

Broody, droning guitar effects combined with rhythmic synths, airy vocals and commanding drums summon up an other-worldly feel of a supernatural realm, calmly bringing to mind the soaring landscapes of the Celtic Otherworld.

The lyrics, crafted over countless Whatsapp exchanges by Hawk Jupiter and fellow Irish songwriter Helen Agnes D., tell the popular Irish mythological story as imagined from the viewpoint of one of the most well-known inhabitants of Tír na nÓg, Niamh.

As Niamh warns her lover Oisin of what perils lie ahead should he depart for the homeland of Ireland – ‘you’re on a road you know, you’re on a road to nowhere’ -, there is a sense of looming danger and eerie foreshadowing within the lyrics, ‘if I let you go, there’s no coming back.’ The somber lyrics are juxtaposed against the soothing and immersive bed of warm, burgeoning synths.

The other-worldly soundscape provides ample room for Lauren’s impressive vocal to glisten, her pleasant timbre and arresting presence taking centre stage. Lauren’s unique vocal complements the instrumental, particularly as the harmonies soar into aerial territory as the track progresses.

‘As songwriters, Helen and I come from different genres but we have a shared love for storytelling and lyric crafting,’ mentions Hawk Jupiter. ‘Helen’s passion for Irish mythology provided a rich reservoir of ideas that seemed to magically intertwine with the synth soundscapes I’d been crafting, and suddenly the song was brought to life.’

‘Land Beneath Waves’ is available to stream everywhere from September 29th.

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