Hitman Lord

County Dublin

Hailed as "one to watch in 2009" by Phantom Fm Dj Jack Hyland Hitman Lord from Dublin city launched his much anticipated solo debut single “S.A.R” in March 2009 and has already garnered much attention for his "Rocktronic"sound collecting the Artist of the month Award from MusicReviewUnsigned Magazine!

The single is taken from Hitman Lord’s forthcoming self titled debut album, which shall be independently released in October 2009. Recorded in "The bunker" studios Dublin with producers Steo and Keith Farrell, (who’s musical travels have seen them work with such artists as Mundy, Neil Hannon, Pugwash , Boss Volenti)at the mixing desk. Hitman Lord's debut is a bravely diverse collection of groove delicious and melodious Rocktronic pop gems, which don't easily fit categorisation taking in soul,pop,rock and electronica into it unique stylistic ingredients.

Taking influences from ol’ school classic song writing values as much as future music sonic-visionists. “I believe however much you push with technology to find new sonic territory there must be the beating heart of a true blood and guts song for music to have genuine gravity and purpose, so craft and storytelling mean as much to me as discovering a brand new noise,I want to find my own musical landscape and people are welcome to visit"

His live performances powers have been described as “spiritual” and “the genuine article”, his distinctive voice and sound has seen him win over audiences in some of the most prestigious venues in both Ireland and over sea’s in the United Kingdom. so keep your notice here for tour announcements and future releases.


"S.A.R has a beautiful and colorful vocal melody to it with a savage guitar riff cutting through the rhythm,for a debut song it is top class stuff! Rated 6/6" Trevor Haplin / Music Review Unsigned"

"Hitman Lord's sound is just as unique as his moniker and people are starting to sit up and take notice "Julia Molony / Sunday Independant

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