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Rock // Offaly

Hombre began in the small village of Ferbane, Co. Offaly when brothers Alan (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and Ian Cassidy (Drums/Vocals) and (brother from another mother) Alan Kenny (Bass/Vocals) started playing music together. United by the desire to introduce a rock scene to the Irish Midlands, they quickly began writing material that would do just that. Upon release of their self titled first EP, songs such as “Soul Owner” and “Society Lies” quickly became local anthems.

Gigging wherever and whenever possible and described by one journalist as “possibly the world’s most hardworking band” this full sounding three-piece quickly formed a small but loyal fan base. With great musicality and catchy but original tunes such as “This Means Disaster” and “It’s All Good”, Hombre increased this fan base substantially upon winning the National University of Ireland, Galway Witless competition in 2008. At this stage Hombre set about recording their single – This Means Disaster at Wild Island Studios in Galway.

Since then the band have divided their time between gigging and writing. 2010 sees a time of great things for Hombre who are now back in the rehearsal rooms writing material for their much anticipated debut album due to go to the studio this summer.

Until then folks you will have to be content with downloads available on itunes and napster – Watch this space…….

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