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Metal // Belfast, Antrim

For some bands, shifting line-ups can wreck their momentum. For others, it just takes a little time to find the right group of people. For some bands, the urge to release an album can consume all of their energy and ultimately deny them the space and time they need to develop beyond their influences. For others, they aren't in any rush and the only goal is to produce work that they can stand over. HORNETS are a patient band.

Forming at a time when all those around them where trying to outdo each other with time signatures and who had the bigger pedal board, HORNETS emerged fully formed and ready. Harder, more brutal and more dangerous that all those around them.

Three years in the making, debut album WITCH HUNT is the sound of a band dedicated to their work. It is the sound of experience, of calloused fingers, and ripped throats. It is everything HORNETS promised.

The attention to the work is viscerally displayed through the art created by vocalist Rich Stuart, who after months of preparatory sketches, filling multiple sketch books, set about hand drawing and inking the visual representation of the album.

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