Horsemen Pass By

Cork City, County Cork

We are Horsemen Pass By. We make instrumental music inspired by cult films, Spaghetti Westerns, Sci-Fi and Horror movies. Our new, first release is a 4-track EP called "Giallo" which is full of synths, unsettling atmospherics, electronic beats and razor-edged guitars. 

We are Ross Gillanders and Daniel Valle, a Scot and a Spaniard that have been playing with electro-surf-punks Beastmen since we landed in Cork but with Horsemen Pass By we keep the reverb-heavy guitars and deepen with electronica, synths and Mexican folk influences.
This EP was recorded in Cork then mixed and mastered by Jorge Calderon from KLD Studios in Palencia (Spain).

We are already working on the next Spaghetti-Western/Horror-tinged album, called The Town That Feared Sunset.

Our live set has had a good reception so far:
- "[Horsemen Pass By] played with fantastic energy and timing, hooking everyone's imagination and admiration." The Medicine Sessions, Waterford
- "Truly awesome stuff." Citóg, Galway
- "As performers, they were impeccable, their live show utilizing back projections from various public domain films and images, and their timing and live flair made them captivating for both the oculars and for the ears. Fantastic stuff. Sheer poetry."  Drop-D
- “One of the most compelling acts in Cork today.” Drop-D

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