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Pop // Galway

Irish-based singer, songwriter & producer, Host has been reinventing the wheel of what it truly means to be an independent artist in today’s day and age. Initially playing and writing acoustically on guitar, in 2018 she began teaching herself the intricacies of production through Ableton, enabling her to naturally develop her own unique sound & style. This natural progression led to the debut EP release in 2019, Adolescent Content. Since then, Host has been an infectious slice of indie-electronica and electro-pop.

Delivering hooky pop tracks that nudge carefully over the edge, Host continues her off-center approach releasing EP, No Reply back in 2021. Describing herself as a bit of a hermit, Host has been intricately finding new worlds within the limitless space of music and as such, has been garnering new fans and listeners with her unique take within each song, gaining notoriety and visibility with her string of single releases this past year in 2022.

Now, Host 2022 continues the thread of experimentation, where Host delivers a pop bangers with an explosive, uplifting chorus that makes you want to grab the hairbrush from your bedroom and singalong.

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