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Alternative // Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

The aim of HotelFOX is to write heartfelt music, that rocks without the gloss. This has been a pipe dream for some 16 years, and is now becoming a reality.

HotelFOX is the solo project of Eric Downer, songwriter and guitarist with Dublin-based band Cirque. Eric has been writing music for 16 years and has written several songs released independently by Cirque. These include Teddy, Sleepers, I By 2, Pins and Needles and A Fuckless Soul (all for the 2005 album "Auditions"). In addition he wrote the songs The RiverRoad, Aeroplane and Backflip for the recently released (Feb 2010) Cirque EP, "Bad Dreams and Lullabies".

HotelFOX represents his venture into the scary/exciting world of recording music as a solo artist, a project he began 7 months ago when he entered Producer Michael Creedon's (formerly of 90's rockers "Junkster") Kilcullen studio. Over the last 7 months Eric has completed the Doorstep EP (planned for release in October) in Creedon's Kilcullen studio, and shot a video for the lead song with Director Leah Carroll. The Doorstep video was recently requested and streamed by AnLar TV. The music is ready and the band are waiting for your nod to pick up their instruments.