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Alternative // Dublin

‘hotgirl’ is a band based in Dublin/Drogheda. Beginning as a bedroom project by lead singer/songwriter Ashley Abbedeen, the music transformed from its humble lo-fi trip hop inspired origins into the noise-infused melodic dissonance that has come to define the band’s sound. This progression can be attributed to the additions of her band members; guitarist Sophie Boxwell adding angular lead lines, Jake Hurley (aka Local Boy) on bass bringing chromatic crunchiness, and Nick Stanley holding it all together with impressive punchy backbeats.

These additions to the band came from a myriad of directions, with Boxwell entering the mix from an Instagram advert, announcing auditions for the band who Abbedeen had known from the music college BIMM they had both attended.

When Stanley and Hurley were scouting acts for their monthly ‘Burner Records’ Showcase - they stumbled across hotgirl’s release of ‘Jam’ on Soundcloud - and were eager to have the band on board. However when the band found themselves drummer and bass-less, they happily filled in and due to their chronic unemployment, found themselves with enough free time to stick around.

Since then, the band have played a string of shows across the city and beyond in 2022, alongside acts such as Cruel Sister and Search Results. They are currently working on an EP filled with songs featured regularly in their set.

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10th June 2023 19:00 hotgirl + friends: w/ Binmen and Daire Heffernen More details

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