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Grunge // Dublin, Dublin

Frustrated pastry chefs by day, they convene at their roadside rehearsal room at dusk to shout at strangers and argue in Klingon. By room I of course mean caravan.
Having established a gruesome forfeiture system to impose discipline, :Hounds: were able to reach an acceptable level of musical understanding in only 6 short years.

With the foundation of their throbbing, riff-laden power in place, bass player Gavin was able to take a 6 month sabbatical to lurk in a canoe.
Drummer Brian (hired primarily for his ability to scare bulies) regularly fights man-sized chickens for money, although he has yet to be paid.
If bespectacled rage-made-flesh singer/guitarist Allen were an animal, he’d be an animal.
Reclusive singer/guitarist Peter is currently recovering in a maximum security old folks’ home from an addiction to rum and piracy.

:Hounds: released their debut album “Spacemad” on 01/01/13.

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