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Rock // Galway, Galway

HyBrazil began performing on the streets of Galway in 2018 and since then have developed their original Pop/Rock music.
Like many other musicians in the region, the band's first stage was shop street, famous for its huge number of buskers and various artists. In 2019, still as a cover band, HyBrazil moved from the street to the Galway pubs where it livened up the city's bustling nights.

It was then that in 2020, feeling the need to express its own musicality, HyBrazil released its first original song entitled "Burning Desire" on Spotify and since then, music and music videos have been released frequently on their social networks.

Influenced by rock bands like Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles and Paramore, vocalist Orla Couhlan, drummer Luan Lopes and guitarist Willians Maxwell it is also possible to see the influence of external genres such as Soul and Funk.