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I Am Coyote

Rock // Dunlaoghaire, Dublin

Born and raised in the Nevada Desert. Four Coyote friends became fed up with the relentless sun as it beat down on them daily. They yearned for days of rain and clouds. Their friend (the sweet natured Swallow) spoke of a land so green.
"What is this placed called?" they asked. "Ireland......." said the sweet Swallow, as he gazed east with glassy eyes.

3 days later the Coyotes packed there bags (instruments and all) and set off on their destiny. The journey from Nevada to Dublin is not an easy one on foot so the Coyotes sang songs to themselves. As they grew hungry they played these songs for food. As they grew tired they played then for shelter.

Coyotes are shy creatures and though these four friends were more good natured and friendly then most men, they remained quite reserved (for they knew they were different to the human species). As they traveled they were often asked
"Who are you? Where are you from?"

The friends simply replied: "I Am Coyote......"

Aside from writing silly stories about ourselves we're also interested in PLAYIN GIGS, so if anybody out there likes what they hear or has seen us before please get on contact!!