Four Nights

County Dublin

The music of Dublin-based Four Nights (byname of Tommy Buckley) has all of the hallmarks of 80’s pop, and takes influence from the likes of The 1975, LANY, and Bon Iver. Big soundscapes, splashy snares and dreamy vocals are masterfully produced by Diffusion Lab’s Marcin Ciszczon, AKA Emiji.

In February 2020 Tommy set off to travel South East Asia for a year, but was forced to come home only after a month due to COVID-19. Suddenly with a lot of spare time in lockdown, he threw himself completely into music, writing more than 30 songs in a focused two month period.

In November 2020 Tommy released his debut single 'Want You Always' and 'Nothing to Say'. After just two months he had gained 100k+ organic Spotify streams, and over a millions views on TikTok.

New music arriving in February 2021.

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