India 9 nine

Crumlin, County Dublin

A conglomerate of sound, minds and vision. India 9 nine is alive, breathing and has taken flight...

Based in Crumlin, Dublin India 9 nine keep songs simple and pure.

By day these guys do a different kind of beat as gardai. By night, the musical flair kicks in...Banjos, mandolins, violins and piano make India 9 nine a band to watch in the future.....

''India 9 nine are set to release their first E.P 'Highs and Lows' at Crawdaddy on April 20th. In the short few months that the band has been together, the 5 piece have caused quite a stir. Their music has captured the attention of some of the UK's biggest names in the music business including producer Ville Leppansen and several leading A&R personnel/music lawyers. The band recently received a phone call from the music law firm Bray and Krais seeking further material. This firm currently deals with Franz Ferdinand, the Rolling Stones and Depeche Mode and have requested that the band come to London to showcase over the next few months.

India 9 nine have quickly gained local recognition, bringing a blend of contemporary acoustic sounds and blending them with impacting lyrics and solid rhythms to the Irish music scene. Taking inspiration from artists like Mumford and sons, The Frames, The Beatles and Tom Baxter, India 9 Nine have melded alternative and acoustic influences to create a body of work that can only be described as uniquely modern and fresh. Banjos, Mandolins, Violins, Double Bass are just some of the earthy instruments at their disposal. The band encourages readers to join up to the band's site on facebook or to come and check out the official site. The band will be gigging throughout the summer!

Next Gigs 2011:

Wed Aug 24th Crawdaddy, Harcourt St
Wed Oct 19th The Sugar Club, Leeson St
Wed Dec 7th Workmans Club, Wellington Quay

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