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Lo-fi // Dublin, Dublin

If you say someone is in good form, you mean that they seem healthy and cheerful

INGOODFRM is a Dublin-based post-dream band formed by ex-members of the band 'Father!', which sadly faded away with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, out of the ashes of that band emerged a new group of musicians with a renewed sense of purpose and a determination to make their mark on the Dublin scene.

INGOODFRM isn't just a band - it's a collective of architecture and design school graduates who bring a unique sense of creativity and visual artistry to their music. This is reflected not only in their sound, but also in their live performances, which often feature visual projections and audio sampling.

At the core of INGOODFRM's sound is Seán Brunswick, who writes, records, and produces all of the band's music. Their influences range from preoccupations, spirit of the beehive, bdrmm, to DIIV.

INGOODFRM is slowly building a loyal following ahead of the release of their first single 'nosedive' mastered by Simon Scott (SPS Mastering / Slowdive)...