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Electronica // Belfast, Antrim

I know I'm not the hero you asked for, or wanted.. or needed… also I'm really not a hero.

Presenting the misadventures of a miniature deep-sea diver fishbowl figurine.

I don't know that there's room in music for a lounge act fronted by an inch high, ethereal deep sea diver with a preoccupation for vocoders and additive synthesis; but if there is, I intend to fill it with the gaudiest of cutting edge Vaporwave elevator-jingles.
This experiment into futuristic, holographic swing band inspired, island anti-pop hopes to sound like the illegitmate fusion of surrealist exotica horn-pipery and the distant whirring of some cosmic, gregorian polka leaking from a submerged, underwater cantina during El Niño