Blanchardstown, County Dublin

JackRabbitSlims were formed sometime around 2007 - 2008 after 3 lads smoked a joint in an attic in Clonsilla, with complete disregard for the surrounding inhabitants of Porters Gate, they began to formulate their musical attack plan upon the world. After another joint they just decided to jam for a while and chill out. One year had past with this cycle being the norm until one day, a group of friendly undertakers provided Rawb Cunningham (Lead Vox, Lead Guitars) with the keys to a boarded up, run down abandoned house, together with his band mates David Kozak (Drums) and Brendan Marsh (10011010) they set about bringing fresh funky jams that faded in and out of psychedelia amongst the heavily tacky '60s decor of the house, the more funk they resonated through the walls, the more psychedelia the house would send back to them. As time passed the house became a hotspot for late night smoke-ins and booze heavy afterpartys, this eventually took its toll on the house, when one night, a heavily inebriated patron of the house set a fire in the main room of the house which resulted in the fire brigade being called. At this point Rawb was forced to relinquish the keys back to the undertakers and the 'slims were back on the street again. Not ones to give up in times of great sadness they began to take the abandoned house groove to various bars and pubs around the dublin scene and have just recently released the debut EP "It is, What it is, Is what it is". Filled with bass heavy riffs, fuzzed out guitar solos and funky cowbell breakdowns, it gives an insight into what life was like within the abandoned house.

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