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James Lindsay

Alternative // Dublin

James Lindsay is a songwriter, guitarist and producer living in Dublin. He has studied sound recording in BCFE and currently writes and records at home. He began playing guitar at 15 years of age and developed an interest in recording and production before joining band Brazen Lungs in 2009.

James has produced three full albums 'Mighty Morphophonology' , 'Neutrino' and the latest release 'Parallels' at home in 2010/2011/2012 respectively for the initiative and is currently working with Dublin songwriter/group Yossarian Lives!

As a side project, James is working with fellow Dublin musicians Mark Keane and Cianna Farrell in a Synth pop project known as Veterans of Safety. This is currently in production with an EP release date aimed mid-summer 2013.
He also enjoys collaborating with talented and experimental artists on a production level and would like to hear from you! Send a mail to