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James Lonergan

Other // Balbriggan, Dublin

James Lonergan,
hatched in 1994 and nested in Balbriggan, Co.Dublin.

Lonergan joined his first band aged 10.
Since he has steadily fronted bands - most notably as the vocalist, guitarist &
principal songwriter of the recently disbanded progressive band, Synk.

Working in Music Maker, Exchequer St
- a job he pined for and persisted in attaining -
he describes as “the love of my life at the time” and
remains a beam in his building of craftsmanship.

Concurrently he strummed and crooned
in restaurant settings, in varying degrees of suitability.
From the occasionally humiliating invisibleness
of being a human muzak machine,

he shed the last of his self consciousness as a musician and performer.

James Lonergan’s characteristic voice is akin to
Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell & Hozier.
Crossed with his intricate, highly developed
guitar style and electronic influences, his signature
is distinctive in its season-like expressions.

In partnership with record label Here Listen, James is furthering the development of his own hybrid of
contemporary alternative/folk/electronic (think James Blake, The Divine Comedy, Beck),
all while covering mercurial emotions and including
his fascination with the yet to be known depth of darkness.

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