Jamie Brown

Belfast, County Antrim

Jamie Brown is an eighteen year old female singer/song writer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Growing up in a small city, music didn't come first hand to a fourteen year old local but after being influenced by the works of Adele and Kimbra, Jamie picked up a guitar and (after many youtube videos) had taught herself the basics. Soon after, she began to write her own original music which led to writing her first EP, "After Midnight" released in August 2013. The success led to the release of her album "Eros" in 2014.

Jamie is currently unsigned and unaffliated to AMMG Media, also leading the vocals in a Bangor based band, Spireview.

"When you listen to Jamie Brown, you can’t help but fall for her gentle vocals. She’s a story teller in her own right with her personal yet relatable tales in her lyrics." - Chordblossom, Michelle Harris.

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