County Galway

JANAJ are an alt-rock band hailing from Galway. Their eclectic style takes influences from prog, acoustic, and classic rock styles, and mashes them together to create a modern sound. In 2016 they won the coveted Irish Youth Music Award, which opened up a number of opportunities such as playing for the President, national airplay, and the recording and successful release of their debut EP "A" in April of last year. The band are fresh from playing Electric Picnic and working on their sophomore release.

"JANAJ's show was filled with so much energy and charisma... The five-piece are one of Galway’s brightest young bands” - An Áit Eile

Praise for “Badlands”:

‘Badlands’ is a track packed with loud and lush instrumentation, especially the reverb and distortion soaked lead guitar. The vocals of Alice O’Donnell are polished and powerful. It is an impressively produced track, with a stomping finale. " - An Ait Eile

"'Badlands', a powerful rock burst with a spaghetti western undercurrent, primed for the soundtrack of a Sergio Leone reboot. Alice O'Donnell's vocal a perfect foil for the rising guitar and percussion as the track burns before its potassium explosion." - The Best of Music and Film blog

“Brooding and dark, and featuring tasteful guitar work, the single is an impressive statement from the band” - Galway Advertiser

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