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Rock // Dublin

JaVill are a five piece Rock band from Dublin, Ireland.
Forming in 2015 the band consists of Singer Baz, Keyboardist James Quinlan, Bassist Jonathan Cooke Allen, Drummer Sean Donohoe and Guitarist Kevin Johnston.

About our first single

"Lifted" came from a personal experience with a universal struggle.
The fight that happens within a person to try to stay in the light or when in darkness to keep hope alive and hang on.
A personal experience with drug addiction gave the way into the song for the writer when the emotions of inner turmoil and emptiness were overcome in the end by the will to live and see another sunrise. ‘Born from the flames, I burn from within’ telling of how our hardest times can in the end become our greatest strengths. Lifted is a message of hope. Bound with industrial drums, classic rock guitars and searing vocal lines. A call to action for all.

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